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booking a Venue, setting up the Booths, ordering furniture or getting a Street Permit we take the stress so you don’t have to. We can give your Show a Booth Package Price to make your Event fit your Budget. With a Background in Theater and with the help of Tripp Mixx’s Design Staff, we can create an array of Artistic Booths for your Vendors. Don’t forget if you need anything from Drayage (advance shipping to our Warehouse) or VIP Rooms, Tripp Mixx has the furniture to accent fit any event. Signage, security and live plants are among a few items that show management might over-look.
We at Tripp Mixx will make sure that all suggestions are introduced to our Clients.

   Custom Expo Design

    • Registration Counters
    • Trade Show Booths
    • Booth Design
    • Entrance Design
    • Pipe & Drape (Various Colors)
    • VIP Rooms
    • Custom Lighting




Block Party – means a gathering sponsored by solely owners, residents or tenants fronting a street, which causes a closure of the entire street, or portion thereof, to vehicular traffic and use of the street for the gathering.

High Impact Event – means an event occupying all or a portion of a major street, collector or scenic route street, or more than two blocks adjacent blocks of a local street, where a detour is required, and/or where AC Transit, University of California-Berkeley (UCB) or Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) buses would need to be re-routed.

Local Streets

Low Impact Event – means an event occupying all or a portion of not more than two adjacent blocks of a local street (other than a major, collector or scenic route street) where a formalized detour is not required, and where transit buses would not have to be re-routed.

Street Event – includes any march, demonstration, assembly, parade, festival, street fair, concert or any other gathering which takes place in the public street or right-of-way, and which may impede, obstruct, or interfere with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.


 Custom Trade Show Flooring Solutions

Top-quality carpet rental and service for trade shows at affordable rates.
Our  Custom carpet products and flooring are perfect for trade shows and conventions.





Trade Show Furniture

Chairs  Other Furniture Rentals  Live Plants
 Arm Chair  Steel Tables
Tables Tall Stool Table-top Risers
ID Signs Pedestal Tables Kitchen Accessories
Waste Baskets Peg Boards Refrigerators
Easels Bulletin Boards Stoves


Trade Show Services

Logistics Manager


Drayage, Fork Lifts


Packing Materials

Crate Manufacturing


Internet Access

Internet Café

Computer Rentals






Grid Walls


Custom Banners

Custom Signage